Pink Fire Pointer new plan of attack on RA

new plan of attack on RA

several of you have asked how my doctor's appointment went and what the new plan is moving forward with this battle against RA and the pain/inflammation that has a stronghold on my body.

i'm in the middle of the worst flare i've had yet. so it's time to grab this bull by the horns and get it under control before it does more permanent damage to my joints.

so, here it is....i have a new medicine added to my fistful of pills. an anti-inflammtory to take twice a day starting just as soon as i pick it up from the pharmacy.

we also decided on Orencia infusions every 4 weeks. in fact, within hours of my appointment, i got the call saying insurance approved the pre-authorization and my first infusion will be december 20. i have to do what's called a loading dose meaning three infusions close together--for this drug--every 2 weeks, but after those three are done i will only get the infusion once every 4 weeks. i'm very excited that it only takes 1 hour and not 2 to 3 like the Remicade did.

only downfall? i won't necessarily notice positive effects from the infusions immediately. bummeroonie.

being a papercrafts designer, where i make my living from the use of my hands, which at times lately is near impossible, i asked what else can i try to alleviate the pain and reduce the swelling. of course, i already knew: wrist splints or hand braces, ice, etc.

BUT...what i'm most excited about is the option to use a compounded ointment. they are having it made for me with 5 different medications compounded together that i can apply to my hands that will help keep me designing with less pain. cant remember the name of it right now. but am looking forward to the day that arrives on my doorstep.  i'm hoping the texture of it doesn't skeeve me out, because i have issues with the way lotions in general feel on my hands. it makes them feel dirty and i don't like the feeling at all. (yes, i weird. i own it.)

advances in medicine are such a beautiful thing. that, and being blessed to have good insurance to be able to take advantage of these treatment options.

so that's that.

thanks for asking, friends.