Pink Fire Pointer New Create 10 Classes - 'Mix it up mini album'

New Create 10 Classes - 'Mix it up mini album'

This August we have some brand new Create 10 classes coming up and this time around we’ll be mixing it up and creating a mini album. The mini album has been designed for 4x6 size photos as a place to keep lots of photos that we don’t necessarily want to make whole scrapbook pages for but still want to keep. We’ll be mixing up both techniques and materials to give your mini album a unique look as well as to learn different techniques and styles that we can use in our future crafting.
Classes will begin on Sunday August 28th although you can play along with the classes at any time you choose as they’ll be archived in the Mix it Up download area indefinitely.
To access the download area for Create 10 Mix it Up you’ll need to sign up to receive your own personal username and password. Visit the Create 10 classes page to grab your sign up token,
Once you're signed up you'll be able to login to the special password protected area on the site that will house the class downloads. At the moment you can view the class list and download the supply list to get prepared for when the classes begin.

This time around I've had a go at a video supply list too so you can get a close up look at the supplies I'll be using and why I've picked them out.

Hope you can join us it's going to be loads of fun!
xx Leo