Pink Fire Pointer Are you ready for class?

Are you ready for class?

The new Create 10 Mix it up mini album classes begin on Sunday so now is the time to put together your supplies ready to begin. With these classes it's important to have everything ready to use at hand as it will make the process of putting your album together simpler. This time around we're focusing more on different scrapbooking styles and technique processes. After the initial stages of making the album in class one class two will follow with decorating the first two pages in a 'clean and simple' style. They'll be lots of hints and tips as to how you can achieve the clean and simple look and learn how you can use it in your future scrapbooking along with the class instructions.

Following on from this we'll then be looking at using different surfaces including transparency and canvas. We'll also look at more styles like getting more grungy and messy with inks and paints. They'll also be some ideas to make different kinds of pages like a fun 'pocket page' in class 9 and using washi tape to make pages with folding out multiple photos in class 7.
This set of classes is not just the opportunity to make a mini book but an opportunity to try out lots of different styles. This can work in two ways to either inspire you to try a new style if you're a seasoned scrapbooker or to give you a taster of new things to try if you're a scrapbooker just starting out.

If you'd like to sign up for Create 10 'Mix it up mini album' classes you can find all the details on the shop site here,

Hope you can join us it's going to be loads of fun!
xx Leo